Fun Widgets!

Hi everyone,

Today I’mĀ going to show you my favourite and fun widgets to put into your blogs!

1.People/country counter. If you want to see how many people have seen your blog from other countries then this is the widget for you! You can have a globe from or for just a counter you can get it from flag counter.

– This is Flag Counter.

– This is

2. Virtual pets! This widget is a fun novelty widget which is quite cute for your blog. If you want to get a virtual pet the website I use is BUNNYHERO LABS.

– I have penguinĀ called Guppy.

3. Google maps! This widget will help your blog readers understand where your city/county is in the world. The website I use is Google Maps.

– This one is my favourite widget.

4. Local time! This widget will help your international readers understand what time it is where you live. The website I use is Local Times.

Thanks,Ā Georgina!


2 thoughts on “Fun Widgets!

  1. zaralw619 says:

    I really value how you talked all about widgets and told everyone how to use it. It was really cool how you talked about everything on widgets.

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